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Direct Mail Copywriting Sample 2

People with insurance rarely think twice about their coverage – until it’s time to file a claim. So how did we get tens of thousands of nurses to switch insurance companies?

In this sales letter we wrote for Ken Varga, we expose readers to the shortfalls in their current malpractice policies.

After making them see how vulnerable they are, we offer them peace of mind… i.e. insurance coverage that won’t hang them out to dry. This was a rewrite of a sales letter penned by a legendary copywriter, and we beat the original response by over 3 to 1.

“Announcing $6,000,000 Of Malpractice Protection With No Loopholes. Designed Specifically For Nurses, It's Now Only $72.00 Per Year (Or Less)”

And unlike the “coverage” you have now, this guaranteed protection from CIGNA won't abandon you when you leave your employer, or when your license is questioned by your Board Of Nursing.

From: Ken Varga, President
Nurses Protection Group
Wednesday, 10:02 a.m.

Dear Nursing Colleague,

It's a fact. Loopholes in your current malpractice policy may expose you to losing your license, your income, and your career:

  • You can be sued by your own employer...
  • If you're called before your Board of Nursing, but not before a judge, your insurance company will not give you an attorney...
  • If you rely on your employer's insurance, your coverage will "vanish" the day you leave. (Worse, it vanishes retroactively -- so if you're later sued for something that happened on the job, you'll have no coverage whatsoever.)

Thankfully, you don't have to take the fall for your insurance company. Because now there's a malpractice policy that's truly complete. And the good news is, it costs even less than a "standard" policy. Here's why:

  1. With the purchasing power of over 400,000 nurses, Nurses Protection Group has negotiated an ultra-low premium and unusually complete coverage from CIGNA, one of the most respected insurers in the world. (To see exactly how much protection you'll get as a member, check out the enclosed Comparison Chart.)
  2. Since we do zero advertising, we don't waste one penny of your premium on overpriced ads. (In Nursing '99 magazine, just one full page ad with an insert costs $312,000 per year!) If your current insurer is typical, it spends hundreds of thousands per year on ads like these. And they're paid for with your premiums.

And This Protection Won't Ever Abandon You -
Even When You Leave Your Employee 

If you think you're "covered" by your employer, you're right… but only as long as you're employed by them. Because malpractice policies sold to employers are "claims made". That's a loophole.

When you leave, or get laid off, your coverage "vanishes". Retroactively. "Poof!" As if you never had coverage to begin with. So if you're later sued for something that happened on the job, you'll have no protection. You could lose everything you've worked for.

"Occurrence-based" insurance -- the kind we fought for -- covers you forever.  It protects you against all patient injuries (and alleged injuries) that occur during your policy period. Even if someone sues you AFTER your policy lapses. Or after you've retired and cancelled your insurance. And it covers you for more than lawsuits... 

Because The Risk Of Having Your License
Questioned Is Ten Times Greater!

Truth is, only one out of ten medical incidents ever goes to court. But in every case, if you're named in a medical incident, your license will be questioned by your Board of Nursing…

  • Even if you've done nothing wrong…
  • Even if the patient's family doesn't blame you…
  • Even if you weren't named in the original lawsuit…
  • Even if your employer settles out of court…
  • Even if your employer's insurance covers the incident…
  • Even if you weren't in the room when the patient was harmed…

Loophole #2: If You're Called Before Your Board Of Nursing,
Your Current Policy Will Not Provide You With A Lawyer

If you don't have our Review Board Defense Coverage, you could wind up like the nurse from Albuquerque, New Mexico who sent us this story…

"I am a new nurse… However, a family member (a nurse) had the unfortunate experience of being accused to the Board of Nursing (by a former employer) of misconduct.

The ensuing investigation resulted in $2,000 of out-of-pocket legal expenses (which her insurance did not cover) just to prove her innocence and clear her professional name. It was not fun."

Only Nurses Protection Group offers you coverage for Board of Nursing inquiries -- as well as lawsuits. And CIGNA's expert attorneys are seasoned in this very type of defense work. At a moment's notice, they’re ready to champion your license, your name, and your dignity.

Best of all, your new coverage is underwritten by CIGNA. With full service offices in 60 countries and $95 Billion in assets, CIGNA's Property and Casualty Companies (under which this insurance falls) are rated "A-Excellent" By A.M. Best, the insurance rating authority.

What this means is that CIGNA will be around for a long time to come. So you never have to worry that today's disgruntled patient might name you in a lawsuit years from now, after you've retired and cancelled your insurance.

Just Imagine This Happening To You 

This is a true story. In October of 1988, a 29 year-old patient (we'll call her Cindy) was admitted to surgery for a gall bladder removal. Fifteen minutes after surgery, she stopped breathing.

Susan Halbert, one of our policy holders, was the nurse on duty. She alerted the doctors immediately, and they managed to restore her heartbeat and blood pressure. But sadly, Cindy suffered permanent brain damage.

The patient’s family wanted to sue the hospital and anesthesiologist for negligence. But they didn't have a case; research showed that no negligence had been committed. So they settled out of court with the hospital, for $2,500,000. Here’s the kicker:

The Hospital Sued Susan For $2,500,000!

Susan's reaction at the time: "I couldn't believe it when the local sheriff served me papers charging me with negligence. This was after I helped the hospital and proved that it was not negligent. If I didn't have nurse's malpractice insurance with Nurses Protection Group, I might have been forced to file bankruptcy!”

Thanks to our seasoned attorney, Susan easily triumphed over the hospital. We saved her career and her reputation.

And thank God, CIGNA owns $95 Billion in assets. So even if Susan HAD been at fault -- or lost against the hospital -- CIGNA could easily have covered a judgement. And saved Susan from having to pay anything.

Just Remember, Your Hospital's #1 Concern Is Protecting Itself

Right now, you’re vulnerable. You’re exposed. Your insurance policy cuts corners. It's not fair, but you could be called before your Licensing Board with no one to defend you.

Think about the patients (or patients' families) who've been unhappy with you or your hospital. In today's sue-happy society, any one of them could cost you your reputation, your income, and your career.

Why grow anxious every time a patient grumbles? Why be at the mercy of your patients' whims -- or circumstances beyond your control -- when you can enjoy complete protection for the rest of your life?

Why let unnecessary fear loom over your life when right now, you can have total peace of mind -- by joining the 400,000+ nurses whom we've insured over the last 32 years with our Total Malpractice AND Review Board Defense Coverage? Your Certificate of Insurance comes with this double guarantee…

Your No-Hassle Double Risk-Free Guarantee

First, when your Certificate Of Insurance arrives, look it over. If you're not 100% satisfied, simply return it. You'll have no coverage and no further obligation. Second, even after you've made your payment and are covered, you can cancel at any time, for any reason, and get a refund of the unused premium. No questions. No hassles.

Why rely on your hospital (whose #1 concern is protecting itself) when right now, you can safeguard your future, and never again worry about losing your license? No one cares about your future as much as you do.

Just imagine yourself, next week, enjoying complete peace of mind. Knowing that you're under CIGNA's protective wings. There's absolutely no risk. (But if you don't respond, you carry the risks you've just read about.) So please, reply right now, while it's on your mind. 


Ken Varga, President

Nurses Protection Group

P.S. Please don't join the thousands of former nurses who "thought" they were properly covered, only to be the victim of a surprise disciplinary action. Or coverage that "vanishes" when you leave your employer.

P.P.S. Remember, if you're not 100% satisfied with your Certificate Of Insurance, return it and you’ll owe nothing. Even after you've made a payment and are covered, you can cancel at any time, for any reason, and get a refund of your unused premium.

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