“An excellent job... Sales and Internet traffic increased over 400% from the prior year.”

- Bob Lang, President, World of Watches



Marketing Experts Services

Critiques. Let us identify the shortfalls in your advertising copy before you risk hundreds – or thousands – of dollars on a web or direct mail campaign. We’ll show you what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Copywriting punch ups. Whether you’re disappointed with your response rates, or trying to take a good sales letter to the next level, we can pinpoint the problems that are holding your sales back. We can wipe out the risk, turbo-charge the urgency, and make your benefits mouth watering.

Direct mail copywriting. In this age of mass mailed advertisements, emails, and text messages, you can stand out by sending prospects a hand-typed personal letter. Unlike the Web, direct mail lets you target proven buyers who fit your profile (based on their income, profession, home ownership, etc).

Magalogs. Designed to look like a magazine with valuable articles, your magalog can hook prospects with tips and advice, then gracefully lead into a sales letter for whatever you sell. Magalogs work best for nutritional supplements and newsletter subscriptions.

Print and display advertising. Build your own list of qualified prospects with an ultra-motivating display ad. This is a great way to build your own “house list”. Unlike mailing lists that you rent, you can contact your “house list” as often as you want. You can even rent it to others, creating another revenue stream.

Email teaser messages. Are you announcing a new product, service, or subscription to your house list? Maximize your “click through rate” by having us write an email teaser that’s short, exciting, and informal… like an email written by a friend.

Web site copywriting. Most of the “old pros” can bang out fantastic direct mail packages. However, be wary of those who claim that writing Web copy is “no different.” If your copywriter doesn’t fully exploit the Web’s unique features – such as hyperlinks, pop boxes, and date stamps To demonstrate how we use hyperlinks and pop boxes, one of our letters states "We provide tech support by email and training through videos." Readers who want to know what's on the training videos, can click on the blue hyperlink. However, readers who need less convincing - and prefer to get to the bottom line fast - can speed ahead without the extra detail.

Date stamps add credibility to your limited time offers. If you’re offering a bonus to prospects who order right away, you’re not limited to saying “But this offer expires in three days.” Instead, you can say “But this offer expires at midnight on November 12.” Then your website can automatically update the expiration date on a daily basis.
– you’re being cheated.

Sequential autoresponders. Few prospects will buy from you the first time they visit your site. That’s why you capture opt-in emails, right? But having an email list is worthless if you’re not constantly milking it for sales. That’s where sequential autoresponders come in.

To make your prospects see you as a trusted friend and expert, have us write a series of follow up emails. We combine tips, advice, incentives, and new reasons to buy, until buying from you becomes the only sensible choice.

Web design. Many designers can build attractive web sites. But their sites aren’t conceived with the sole purpose of maximizing your sales (or subscriptions, memberships, etc). But that’s no surprise; most designers aren’t direct response marketers. Let our experts come to the rescue, and convert more or your visitors to buyers, subscribers, or members.

Search engine optimization and traffic generation. Why struggle to generate more traffic through "trial and error" (or spend days, weeks, and months trying to keep up with the ever-changing search engine techniques)? Let our traffic generation experts do the work for you.

Consultations. The world’s best advertising copy won’t make you money… if the wrong people read it. Use your consultation to tighten up your game plan in these respects:

  • Is your product priced right?
  • How can you get more from your advertising dollar?
  • What’s the best way to reach the prospects most likely to buy from you?
  • Should you rent a list of prospects or build your own list?
  • How can you turn your existing customers into enthusiastic repeat customers?
  • How can you get other business owners to endorse your product to their customers?
  • When building your own list, how do you attract qualified prospects?
  • How should your flagship product be priced and positioned, relative to your backend products?
  • How can you milk your list of customers, clients, or subscribers over and over again?

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Success Stories:

$451,050 In One Mailing... And Triple The Response!

Ken Varga, author of "How To Get Customers To Call, Buy, And Beg For More"

When Ken Varga hired us, he'd already sold malpractice insurance to 700,000+ nurses - using a direct mail letter written by a legendary copywriter.

We repositioned his letter and beat the original by over 3 to 1! Our letter generated 9,021 new policies -- and $451,050 in revenues -- on the first mailing alone.

$250,000 in Two Days!

Terry Paranych, Canada's #1 Re/Max Agent

When Terry Paranych hired us to write a direct mail letter for his first-ever Superstar Agent Boot Camp, he'd never held a conference before. He had no products, testimonials, or house list.

Yet two days after mailing our letter, the letter had generated $250,000 in revenue -- selling out the conference. In fact, many agents had to be waitlisted for the next event!