“An excellent job... Sales and Internet traffic increased over 400% from the prior year.”

- Bob Lang, President, World of Watches



About The Marketing Experts

The Marketing Experts
Trevor Justice, President

Created in 1994, The Marketing Experts is a team of direct response copywriters, web site designers, and online traffic generation experts -- led by Trevor Justice -- with over 62 years of combined success in maximizing revenue for their clients.

In contrast to the typical advertising agency, we design campaigns that you can “track.” In other words, when you use any of our marketing techniques, or post our sales message to your web site (for example), you'll know exactly how many responses -- and how much revenue -- it’s generating.

You’ll know for certain that every dollar you spend on advertising or promotion is bringing back a profit.

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Here are some of the clients we’ve served:

Internet Marketing Clients:

The Internet Marketing Center

Jonathan Mizel

Shawn Casey



Real Estate Lecturers:

Dave Lindahl

Alan Cowgill

Larry Goins

Scott Britton

Terry Paranych

Other Clients:


Ken Varga

Bob Scheinfeld

World Of Watches