“An excellent job... Sales and Internet traffic increased over 400% from the prior year.”

- Bob Lang, President, World of Watches



Direct Mail Copywriting Sample 1

When Dave Lindahl hired us, most of his prospects had been discouraged from buying apartment buildings – in favor of single family homes. Yet he wanted to sell them his $599 home study course, “Apartment House Riches.” How did we meet this challenge?

We use the first two pages to raise enormous doubts about single family homes. We make the reader itch to find out “What’s the smartest alternative?”. We don’t mention apartment buildings until page 3. And even then, we refer to them as “multi family houses”. The result?

The first 1,000 letters were mailed to a colleague’s house list. Although no lift letter or endorsement was included, the letter pulled a 3.3% response rate. That’s well above the average of 1 - 2%, especially with a $599 price point.

Don’t let your real estate business become a “job”. Don’t settle for half the story…

“If Single Family Homes Are Such Great Investments, Why Do Most ‘Investors’ Still Go To Work Every Morning?”

Here’s how real estate insiders are reaping huge positive cash flows – with less risk, less money down, and no tenant headaches.

“If you want to collect an automatic monthly income, you need properties with big positive cash flows. Dave Lindahl has developed a remarkably fast and easy way to acquire these properties. And he’s used it to create a passive income averaging $27,000 per month.

Now Dave will show you how to duplicate him... how to buy with no money down, sell for top dollar, trade up for much bigger cash flows, and snowball your net worth – all without paying taxes. That’s why I’ve featured Dave at my $5,000 boot camps. I give his method the highest recommendation.”

From: Dave Lindahl
Thursday, 10:22 a.m.

Dear Friend:

If you want to collect an automatic monthly income of $10,000 or more -- without having to get up every morning and “go to work” -- most real estate experts are giving you the wrong advice.

See, they rave about buying and selling single family homes. But they don’t tell you about the risks and downsides.

They don’t admit that single family homes are poor investments for passive income... for attaining real financial freedom.

Now don’t get me wrong. If you can wait a few years for your upside, single family homes have a history of appreciating nicely.

And if you’re happy making one-shot profits, flipping houses can be an exciting business. Over the past eight years, I myself have bought, rehabbed, and sold 166 houses. If you can pull it off (despite the risks), you can make a big profit in four to six months. It’s a good business.

But it’s not financial freedom.

Just ask investors like Donald Trump, the Kennedy family, and Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad Poor Dad). Their real estate investments produce huge cash flows, also called “passive income”.

When you’re flipping houses, you’ve got to keep working to earn your next “paycheck”. You’ve got to keep marketing, buying, renovating, and selling.

And if you don’t want your contractors to screw up, you’ve got to supervise them constantly. How is that different from running a retail business? Or having a job?

Four Challenges Of Flipping Houses

  1. You’re at the mercy of contractors. Most bargain homes are in disrepair. You’ve got to renovate them. But most contractors are unreliable. You’ve got to oversee everything they do, or risk paying for their mistakes. And the good ones are always booked up for months in advance.
  2. You lose money for four to six months. That’s how long it takes to fix up a house and resell it. When your contractors drag their feet, you’re left helpless and stressed out. Every day your house sits vacant, your bank account is further depleted by loan payments, taxes, insurance, and utilities.
  3. Your job never ends. When you finally sell, you’ve got to start all over again, marketing, negotiating, and overseeing your contractors. If you take time off, or can’t work for awhile, you have no income. That’s not financial freedom.
  4. The government takes 33-50% of your profits! When you hold houses for less than a year, your profits are taxed at the painfully high rate of “ordinary income”. Compared to my approach, you have far less cash to roll into the next property. The result: it could take you twice as long to attain financial independence.

If you’ve read the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad, you understand that income-producing assets are the key to financial freedom. You also know that Robert Kiyosaki (the book’s author) built his personal fortune through buying and holding real estate.

Unfortunately, Kiyosaki doesn’t go into detail about how he selected, managed, or sold his properties. That’s why I’m writing.

18 Months To A $9,700 Positive Cash Flow

My name is Dave Lindahl. In 1996, with just $800 in savings, I started buying single family homes. But I didn’t stop there. I also bought two- and three-family homes with super cash flows. And I kept them.

In a very short, life-changing 18 months, I was able to go from being the broke owner of a struggling landscape company, working night and day just to pay my bills, to creating an automatic income of $9,700 per month!

In the seven years since then, I’ve had my share of aggravation. But rather than tolerating it, I joined local real estate investment clubs. I sought the advice of seasoned landlords. I learned how to prevent tenant problems before they ever started.

I soon became a savvy landlord in my own right. And I learned the priceless secret to screening property managers.

647 Units Managed With One Phone Call Each Month!

Today, I own 33 multi-family apartment houses, with 647 units in all. Yet I never deal with tenant complaints, repairs, or vacancies.

My carefully chosen property managers handle 100% of the tenant management. I have one phone call per month with each of them; that’s it.

Last year, I sold four of my properties. After paying off my loan balances, I received four separate checks for over $200,000 apiece. And I used a legal tax loophole to pay zero taxes on three of them. I’ll show you how to do the same.

Even after selling these properties, I still average $27,000 per month in net passive income (i.e. after expenses).

Why haven’t you heard more about apartment buildings? Apartment investors are already wealthy. Just look at Red Auerbach of the Boston Celtics. He made his real money buying apartment buildings, then branching off into hotels. Likewise, Arnold Schwarzenegger made his first fortune buying apartment houses in Colorado.

Investors like these don’t need to supplement their incomes by selling books and tapes. And they don’t want to create more competition. In fact, they hope you’ll never discover these advantages:

  1. Apartment buildings are “cash cows”, especially when compared to single family homes. For example, 70 Broadway, a ten unit building in Dallas, TX, nets me $1,220 per month (after all expenses).
  2. You start profiting instantly. Rather than being drained for 4-6 months, carrying the costs of a vacant house, you enjoy positive cash flows from day one. And you can live off that income, so you don’t have to go to a job everyday.
  3. You can’t afford a property manager. Because houses produce poor cash flows, property managers are cost-prohibitive. So if you want to hold houses for appreciation, you’ve got to hassle with tenants, vacancies, and repairs personally.
  4. Get seller financing more easily. Unlike the average home seller, investors are used to buying on terms. So they’re much more willing to help you finance your purchase. For example, I bought 66 McGee, a fourplex in Orlando, FL, with just 5% down. The seller owned it free and clear, so he financed 95%, secured by the property.
  5. In fast growing markets, apartment buildings appreciate faster than houses. Why? When people relocate, they rent before buying. In these early stages, the demand for rental housing exceeds the supply of units, forcing rents to soar.
  6. You can delegate management. Because apartment houses offer so much income, property managers charge just 6% of the gross rents (versus 10% for single family homes). This lower percentage, combined with your huge monthly income, makes it easy to afford a property manager.
  7. Cut your taxes in half. Instead of paying 33-50% in taxes, you’ll pay the low capital gains rate (now 15%). I know investors who fudged their records and tried paying the lower rate on their short-term rehab profits, only to get nabbed by the IRS. Why risk it? Get the lower rate legitimately by buying and holding.
  8. Legally pay zero taxes on your capital gains when you sell. Just roll your sales proceeds into a bigger building (with even better cash flow). You can’t do that when you’re flipping.
  9. Your risk is much lower. When your single family home is vacant, the burden of paying the mortgage, taxes, and insurance falls entirely on you. But if your apartment building has a vacancy, the other tenants cover your expenses. Here’s an example of this, provided by one of my customers:

    “Dave, I closed on a four family about to go into foreclosure. With structuring, only $2,000 down was needed; and the owner paid all closing costs... 3 of the 4 apartments were rented when I closed. Those 3 are generating exactly the mortgage and impounds. When I finish the 4th apartment rehab, the multi-family will generate $950 per month. And I found that with just a drive by.
  10. You and your course and phenomenal. Not just the how to buy multi-family but your insights into rehab and Landlording are nearly priceless. On every page and CD, you share a tremendous amount of in-depth knowledge that I don’t think I could ever have learned otherwise.”

    -- Acer Colt, Anytown, State

OK, so you’re convinced that passive income is the key to financial freedom... that you can buy and hold without tenant headaches. But you still wonder why single family homes aren’t good vehicles for passive income. Let’s look at that...

Four Problems With Buying And Holding Houses

  1. Poor cash flow. Houses may appreciate long term. But they produce poor cash flows while you hold them (and negative cash flows in places like California). In most areas, you’d have to own 25 houses to equal a full time income!
  2. Vacancies wipe out your profits. If your house is vacant for even a month, you lose half a year’s profit. Plus, you’ve got to clean, paint, re-carpet, and do repairs.
  3. You can’t afford a property manager. Because houses produce poor cash flows, property managers are cost-prohibitive. So if you want to hold houses for appreciation, you must personally hassle with all of the tenants, vacancies, and repairs.
  4. We’re in a dangerous housing bubble, according to many real estate experts. And when that bubble bursts, single family homes will plunge in value, just like the stock market did. Investment properties, however, are valued based on their rents. And history shows that rents always climb along with interest rates.

If you want to hold for appreciation, doesn’t it make sense to get paid handsomely for doing it?

Profitability of a single family home vs. a 4-family home 

This single family home just sold for $190,000. With 10% down, my ownership costs (PITI) would be $1433 per month. It would rent for  $1550 at best. That’s a $117 positive monthly cash flow, but that doesn’t factor in the cost of vacancies, repairs, capital improvements, etc. How many houses like these would you need to replace your full time income? 

Here’s a 4-family apartment building on the same block. I bought it for $360,000. My ownership costs (PITI) are $2200 per month. My rents are $3600. That’s a $1400 per month positive cash flow – more than enough to cover vacancies and repairs, as well as the six percent for my property manager.

Now I know that some real estate lecturers are afraid of apartment houses. In fact, my approach may go against everything they’ve told you. Why do they favor single family homes?

Chances are, that’s what they were taught to invest in. They never learned how to tackle apartment houses. They never learned the right way to screen tenants, protect themselves, and delegate property management.

The good news is, I’ve spent eight years buying, managing, and selling apartment houses. And I’ve developed a foolproof system that puts all of these concerns to rest.

Why haven’t you seen me on late-night infomercials? I spend most of my time in the real world, actually doing deals. Selling books and tapes was never my main objective. 

However, as my profits and reputation grew, I received calls from dozens of real estate investment clubs, conference organizers, and speakers such as Ron LeGrand. 

They begged me to speak at their meetings and reveal my secrets 

The demand for my secrets was so great, I finally agreed to start speaking last year – and I did 48 speaking engagements last year alone. Just last year, I did 48 speaking engagements. Meeting and convention organizers practically had to fight to book me.

Whenever I share my secrets, a crowd of investors surrounds me on the break, flooding me with questions and begging me for more training.

When Ron LeGrand featured me at his “Multiple Income Strategies” boot camp (twice last year), investors paid $5,000 to attend. And it sold out both times. I’m the first apartment house investor ever invited to share the stage with Ron. And he continues to feature me at his conventions.

Some of my students have been landlords for decades, yet they rave about my system. For example, John and Mary Doe of Dallas, Texas call my method a “huge improvement” over their old fashioned approach.

Now here’s the funny thing. The more investors I trained, the more “bird dogs” I created. Many called me with profitable deals that were too big for them. So I took the deals and paid them finder’s fees.

This became so lucrative, I decided to do my own Boot Camp. In exchange for breaking down my step-by-step system, I realized that I could make good money (charging admission) and create more bird dogs at the same time.

Since then, my Boot Camps have consistently sold out at $2,500 per seat. And last year, Ron LeGrand made my Boot Camp a component of the curriculum his students must complete, in order to get their “Financial Freedom Certificates”. Here’s what a couple of past participants have said:

“I feel like I received an entire college course in apartment buying in one weekend. The problem solving was the greatest, it really helped me analyze a property so I know what to offer and how to really purchase a property.”

-- Rose Morris, Columbus, OH

 “(Since attending your Boot Camp this past weekend), I went into contract today to buy a 2 family house that will net $400/mo cash flow, and I am lining up additional private lender money for upcoming deals.” 

-- Brett Lewis, Whitehall, PA

Hundreds Have Paid $2,500 To Learn My Method;
Now It’s Yours Free For Six Months

Now you can profit from my secrets without spending $2,500. That’s because all of my secrets are spelled out in my new step-by-step home study course, “Apartment House Riches”. You’ll profit wildly from my eight years in the trenches. And it’s yours free for the next six months.

Follow my foolproof system, and I guarantee you a hands-free positive cash flow of $5,000+ per month within the next six months. Otherwise, my hard-won trade secrets and $500 cash are yours free.

The next 40 people to act will receive unlimited phone mentoring and advice for 12 months, plus my life-saving Cash Flow Analyzer software (a $399 value), absolutely free.

Listen, very few investors are privy to this information. Even most book-and-tape salesmen aren’t playing at this level. That’s why they’re afraid of apartment buildings. Accept my risk-free offer, and you’ll be able to...

  • Locate amateur landlords who are poor managers, ready to give up, and willing to let their properties go for peanuts... p5  I used this method to buy a Phoenix sixplex for just seven times the annual gross rents.
  • Recognize properties with instant upside potential... p31.
  • Recoup your down payment in record time... p31. For example, my down payment on a Dallas fourplex was $6,500. Since it produces $590 per month in positive cash flow, I recouped that $6,500 in just 11 months. Since then, the $590 per month has been pure profit!
  • Get more deals and better terms, while still satisfying sellers – thanks to this ingenious four-part negotiating formula... pg 7
  • Make friends with city officials, win their confidence, and have them refer troubled owners and bank officers to you... pg 18. For example, many health violations are easily solved. But when landlords are cited with health violations, most panic. Use this approach, and watch them come begging you to take their properties!
  • Never get choked by “surprise expenses”. Determine instantly whether a property is a bargain, a fair deal, or a lemon. No complicated cap rates or calculations. My formula is so simple, a twelve year old could run the numbers in his head... pgXX.

You’ll also discover...

  • Four secrets that shrewd buyers use to receive a windfall of instant cash at closing time... pg 85. If you’re “stretching” to complete an expensive deal, these tactics will offset your investment.
  • Six fatal mistakes new investors make while negotiating... pg 72. Without this checklist, you could overpay, make too many concessions, or lose the property to a competing buyer 
  • People in foreclosure are already being hounded by your competitors. Discover ten “fresh” groups of distressed owners that your competitors aren’t contacting, and learn to locate them before they list their properties for sale... pg 13.
  • Four ways to structure seller financing, and even finance with zero interest...pg 83
  • When to buy a property so that you get the lion’s share of the tenants’ rent for that month. Close too early, and many of the tenants will not have paid their rent yet. Close too late, and you lose a windfall of rent money that could’ve been yours.

Here’s a testimonial from one of my students, Justin Anderson of Augusta, GA...

“Dave, I'm just about to take over my second 100+ unit deal (and this is only my second deal!) no money down. This one is 170 units, was going into foreclosure, and the seller will restructure the debt with Fannie Mae if I become general partner.

I can keep the net cash flow, over $22,000 per month, and assume the mortgage for complete ownership after nine years. At the take over, there will be over $2,000,000 in equity!!”

Not bad for a second deal ever, wouldn’t you say? Now you can profit like Justin, create your own handsome month-after-month income, explode your net worth, and save yourself the usual grief and aggravation.

“Apartment House Riches” doesn’t just contain valuable ideas and information. It’s a turnkey system you can plug right into. There’s no guesswork. Just follow the simple steps, and you’ll be on your way to a huge passive income.

Build A Small Empire With No Money Down

With today’s paltry interest rates, investors are dying to receive better returns. So it’s easier than ever to borrow money from private investors. I’ll show you how to...

  • Make your phone ring off the hook with investors, and knock their socks off with exciting cash flow reports... pXX. Just enter your property’s data (income, expenses, etc.) into the template I provide.
  • Don’t like monthly interest payments? Learn to partner with investors (i.e. they put up the money, you do the work, and you split the profits 50/50)... pXX.
  • Find landlords who own their buildings free and clear, and get them to finance your purchase... pg 87. They benefit from lower tax bills and continued income, secured by the properties. You get the huge cash flow and tax benefits with little or no money down.
  • Find distressed landlords and take over their loan payments... pg XX. With this approach, you won’t have to apply for a new loan, or get hit with thousands in points and fees.

Multiply Your Cash Flows And Skyrocket Your Equities 

The value of your apartment house is directly tied to the income it produces. That’s why I teach you nine easy ways to slash your costs, increase your income, and increase the resale value of your building. For example...

  • Learn to reduce tenant turnover, challenge tax assessments, refinance, and slash your utility bills... pg 101.
  • Discover when to raise rents, which renovations are a waste of money, and which will dramatically boost your building’s resale value... pg 138
  • Four essential reports you must receive from your property manager each month – so you can plan ahead. Know exactly how profitable you are, and what the forecast is for coming months.

Never Hassle With Tenants, Repairs,
Vacancies, Or Bad Property Managers

If you’ve ever been discouraged by the thought of managing tenants, Chapter X will be a Godsend for you. You’ll discover my secrets of tenant management and gain a huge advantage over others investors. See, when you know how to solve problems they don’t, they won’t even compete with you. You’ll learn how to...

  • Get rid of bad tenants BEFORE they ever move in... pg 101. When tenants apply, explain my six rules of tenancy and the consequences if they’re broken... then watch the deadbeats, druggies, and troublemakers run.
  • Train your tenants to mail you the rent on time, every time... pg 106. My approach makes it ten times easier for tenants to pay on time, and impossible for them to forget.
  • Never hand over the keys to an apartment until you get these three vital items... pg 105. If you do, you could lose a month’s rent, get stuck with a big repair bill, or lose a small fortune in housing court.
  • Motivate tenants not to bother you about minor repairs... pg 101. With this incentive, most tenants would rather leave you alone!
  • Three little-known secrets to preventing tenant hassles... pg 106. Don’t let repairs, tenant complaints, vacancies, and late rents eat you alive. Use my strategies to eliminate these headaches. Free up your time to find the next great deal.
  • Don’t lose your assets in a lawsuit!...Chapter 11.  With your properties in the wrong entity, someone could fall down the stairs, sue you, and take ALL of your assets (not just the building they fell in). Learn the pros and cons of LLC’s, trusts, partnerships, etc.
  • Don’t waste your money on a bad property manager, only to find yourself cleaning up after his mess... pg 107. Learn how to find a “cream of the crop” property manager with extensive training.

Listen, property managers charge you a pittance compared to all you get: just 6% of the gross rents. Good managers pay for themselves, because they free you up to find more great deals. 

The right property manager can make you rich, but the wrong one can wreck your life.

Use my criteria to hire the right managers, and you’ll be free to pursue your true goals in life. Whether you want to travel the world, learn to sail, or have more quality time with your family, won’t it be great to finally enjoy time freedom?

Maximize Your Profits With The Right Exit Strategy 

As your properties appreciate and your tenants pay down your loan balances, you’ll amass huge equities. Raising rents will further multiply the value of your buildings. So sooner or later, you may decide to “cash out”... but be careful

Choosing the wrong exit strategy could cost you 20% of your profits, or more. I’ll show you how to choose the most profitable exit strategy, based on your assets, income, and goals at the time. You’ll learn:

  • How to pull out your equity tax-free, using my refinancing secrets. Use this method to snowball your net worth without paying taxes 
  • Where commercial investors go to find income property. Advertise on this web site, and profit wildly from a bidding war... pg 14 
  • If you pick the wrong listing agent, there won’t be enough competition to drive up your sale price, and your highest offer may be tens of thousands lower than it could’ve been. Few agents are qualified to sell apartment buildings. I’ll show you how to find one who is... pg 140
  • If you choose, four secrets to selling income property yourself... pg 141. Without these secrets, your turnout of potential buyers could be embarrassing. And if there’s little competition, your prospects won’t be forced to offer top dollar 
  • Legally defer those profit-sucking capital gains taxes forever – using 1031 exchanges. Learn to roll your gain from each sale into bigger apartment buildings (with bigger cash flows) – and never pay taxes... Chapter 10.
  • When to “trade up” and profit from accelerated appreciation. For example, if one of your properties has appreciated to $300,000, and now you’ve got $150,000 of equity, you could sell and use that as your down payment on a $1.5 Million property. If both generate the same cash-on-cash return, you’ll now enjoy five times the cash flow.

Here’s a testimonial from a customer who used these last two techniques...

“(Using your 1031 exchange strategy), I went from owning a condo with $64,000 in equity to a 7 unit apartment house. I had a $522 positive cash flow on the condo, but now I have a $2500 positive monthly cash flow with the apartment house.

The best part is, I did not take any cash out of my pocket. Thanks for all of your help as I went through this process... I had never done a 1031 exchange before, but it was a lot easier than I thought.”

-- Marlene Green, Jersey City, NJ

What Marlene forgot to mention is that she legally deferred paying taxes on the gain from her condo, which was $XX,XXX. I’ll show you how to do the same.

Learn To Hit The Jackpot With Emerging Markets

As desirable cities become “too expensive”, middle class folks move to the outskirts, and to marginal neighborhoods. As the demand increases for rentals in these cheaper areas, rents soar.

Case study: San Francisco housing costs skyrocketed around the “dot com” explosion. So people moved to Oakland, Valleho, and even up to Portland. Now, property values in those three cities are skyrocketing!

Investing outside your area is completely optional. But if you’re interested, I’ll teach you how to identify hot new emerging markets, including...

  • Is the market going up or down? Learn to read the five market indicators, then identify cities on the verge of a “boom”. Gauge exactly where the market is in its growth cycle... pg 46
  • Never miss the chance to buy at the bottom, or sell at the top, and then reinvest your profits in the next up-and-coming market. Skyrocket your equity just by entering new markets at the right time... pg 45
  • Recognize when a growth cycle is approaching its peak, so you can get top dollar and cash out before the demand slows down. (This is when most people are buying!) Wait too long, and you may have to settle for a lower sale price.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside Apartment House Riches 

You will literally receive an arsenal of powerful weapons. You may not need all of them at the outset. But as you build your personal empire, I guarantee that you’ll love referring back to “Apartment House Riches”. Because every time you do, you’ll find a new tool for exploding your profits and taking you to the next level.

  1.  Audio Boot Camp. These five eye-popping CDs are the next best thing to attending one of my $2,500 Boot Camps. You'll learn how to find the deals, evaluate properties, write offers that get accepted, manage your properties for profits, use 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges to multiply your wealth, and sell for top dollar.
  2. Insider’s Step-By-Step Manual. Don’t waste your time reading fluff material. This hard-hitting 143 page manual shows you step-by-step how to get rich with apartment houses. You’ll get the actual phone scripts, form letters, leases, rental applications, and calculation formulas I’ve used to build my little empire, plus the magnetic letters I use to attract motivated sellers.

    I’ve also included the actual forms and letters I use to screen tenants, analyze deals, collect overdue rent, find buyer and sellers, and much, much more. Here are the highlights:
  3. The 7-minute Apartment Analyzer Form. Now you can determine average yields for your area, compare properties, and move fast when you find a hot deal – before the seller gets another offer. Just fill in the blanks to calculate your projected cash flow, net operating income, and cash-on-cash return.
  4. My “deadbeat screening” rental application. Imagine one of your tenants trashing his apartment, dealing drugs all night long, and/or generating complaints from your other tenants. Carefully tweaked over the years, my 2-page rental application puts the right questions to your applicants, so you can spot red flags and screen out problem tenants right away.
  5. My kick butt, no-holds-barred, never-lost-in-court lease. Without this lease, evicting bad tenants can be a nightmare. They’ll beat you in court. Just imagine the stress and aggravation of being dragged through a long eviction process. By signing this lease, tenants virtually give up their rights, making you unbeatable. THIS LEASE HAS NEVER LOST IN HOUSING COURT.
  6. My five page "due diligence" checklist. Don’t get burned because the seller fudges his numbers – or “forgets” to tell you about bad contracts he’s signed. For example, do the tenants pay what they say they pay? How many have “below market” long-term leases? How much does he really pay for utilities? Who is the maintenance contract with?

    Without this priceless checklist, you could get choked by surprise expenses. You could wind up paying the utilities for your tenants. Or you could get trapped into an overpriced landscaping contract. Once you uncover the real numbers, you can use them to negotiate for a much better price.
  7. Pre-written warning letters for “spanking” problem tenants. Thanks to my rental application and six rules of tenancy, you’ll have very few bad tenants (if any). But if you should inherit one, you’ll be amazed at the effectiveness of my warning letters.
  8. Nine powerful direct mail letters that have made me millions of dollars. These are the exact same letters I use to make my phone ring off the hook with motivated sellers. And because they’re laser-targeted to specific attorneys, bank officials, and property owners, you can mail just 50 at a time, and receive calls that same week. 

$5,000 Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee!

This step-by-step course arms you with the same secrets investors pay $2,500 to learn at my Boot Camps. The price is $449, but there’s no need to decide until after you’re profiting from my secrets. That’s because I’m offering it to you risk-free for the next six months. What’s more, I’ll stake my own money on your success. Here’s how...

If you use any of my buying techniques, and your monthly income hasn’t surpassed $5,000 within six months (very unlikely!), return “Apartment House Riches” and I’ll send you double what you paid. That’s how confident I am.

All I ask is that you include your daily logs, to show me that you made an honest effort. And even if you never implement my techniques, you’re still protected by my 12-month unconditional guarantee:

If for any reason you don’t find yourself thrilled, return “Apartment House Riches” within 12 months for a complete 100% refund. No questions. No hassles. And if you qualify for the software bonus below, keep the software it as my way of saying thanks. That’s a guaranteed gain, no matter what you decide 

Super Bonus #1: Cash Flow Analyzer Software ($399 Value)

Do you have a potential deal, but aren't sure if the numbers are working? Two years in the making, this breakthrough software will instantly calculate all of the key ratios for you (cash flows, loan payments, etc.).

Two years ago, I got tired of having me hands tied by spreadsheet programs. They’re too limiting. And nobody was selling the software I really needed to evaluate a building’s profitability.

 So I paid a top programmer $21,000 to design the software I needed from scratch. What a Godsend! The finished program displays all of the key ratios you’ll ever need to analyze apartment buildings to the bone!

Just plug in the income, expenses, and down payment associated with any deal, and “Voila”! Instantly see the return on your investment, along with cash flow projections of 3, 5, 10 and 25 years out!

Although I’ve sold the pilot version to a few of my students, I’m just beginning to advertise to the public. So I really need testimonials. That’s why I’m offering it free to the next 40 customers. If you’re fortunate enough to be one of them, all I ask is that you send me a testimonial for the software, with permission to use it in my advertising.

Super Bonus #2: Twelve Months Of One-On-One Mentoring

If you’re one of the next 40 people to act, I’ll personally answer your questions, coach you, and provide the solution to any challenge you face, for an entire year. Even if an obstacle seems “big” to you, I’ve probably faced it hundreds of times, so I can solve it in minutes.

In return, all I ask is that you (1) send me a testimonial after completing your first deal, and describe how easy it was, and (2) keep our arrangement confidential. I only offer this bonus to forty customers per year, and I don’t want to upset my other customers.

Note: I offered this bonus to 40 people last year, and I’ve had my plate full ever since. Fortunately for you, the 12 months I promised them has just come to an end. So right now, I have room to mentor 40 new customers. But believe me, this opportunity won’t last.

My phone number is 781-447-6881, and you can call me anytime between 9am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. Of course, you can email your questions 24 hours per day. And since I check my email all day long, I promise to reply within one business day.

Best of all, your “12 months” doesn’t begin until I receive your first question. So if for some reason, you have no questions until a few months from now, you won’t be “using up” your valuable consulting bonus.

“I have had access to Dave’s private telephone line, fax, and email for one year for any questions... This has been a lifesaver... and saved me hundreds of dollars. Dave has promptly responded to all my questions, and has become a friend and counselor. I personally view his real estate wisdom and real life experiences as much of a business necessity as a telephone and fax machine!”

-- Alastair Hudson, Watertown, MA

Note that I’m strictly limiting this offer to the next 40 customers. After all, if I took calls from hundreds of customers, I wouldn’t have any time left to run my own business. To find out if this mentoring bonus is still being offered, call 1-800-555-6666 right now.

Why Make Costly Mistakes When You Can Instantly
Profit From My Eight Years Of Experience?

Apartment buildings hold the key to huge cash flows and true financial freedom. As I’ve said, investors like Donald Trump, Red Auerbach of the Boston Celtics, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger have all made small fortunes through apartment buildings.

The potential is huge. But without my step by step system, you could get burned by surprise expenses, beaten by problem tenants, or cheated by bad property managers. Don’t let that happen.

“Dave, it was only two short weeks after getting your course and putting your strategies to play that my phone started to ring with deals, and best of all, these sellers weren’t on the MLS. No one else knew they were selling. Which meant no competition.

I found a property I was interested in and I ran the number through your awesome software, and like magic it told me I had a deal. After closing in January, I had $600 in cash flow and $50,000 in equity. Not a bad return on my investment with you Dave.”

-- Jason Rodriguez, Orlando, FL

Friend, this is your chance to duplicate what I’ve done, create your own handsome month-after-month income, explode your net worth, and save yourself the usual grief and aggravation. And you can do it all risk-free. Simply follow my system, and your success is guaranteed.

In case you’re short on cash, I’m willing to accept two payments of $224.50, spread 30 days apart. And if you can pay for “Apartment House Riches” in one lump sum, I’ll give you a “bookkeeping discount” of $50. That brings your investment down to just $399.

Either way, your investment is risk-free. You’re protected by my $5,000 double-your-money-back guarantee, and my unconditional 12-month guarantee.

Don’t wind up kicking yourself because you missed your chance to get the Cash Flow Analyzer (normally $399) and 12 months of unlimited consulting free of charge. To find out if these incredible bonuses are still being offered, and/or to order “Apartment House Riches”, call 1-800-555-6666 right now. 


Dave Lindahl

P.S. Don’t fall into the trap of repeatedly buying and selling. Don’t let your real estate business become a “job”. Use my foolproof system to profit for the next six months without risk. Convince yourself that you can create true financial freedom with my groundbreaking cash flow system. Then make your decision.

P.P.S Remember, the next 40 people will receive two super bonuses: unlimited phone mentoring and advice for 12 months, plus my life-saving Cash Flow Analyzer software (a $399 value). Don’t wind up kicking yourself because you missed this opportunity. Call 1-800-555-6666 right now.

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