“An excellent job... Sales and Internet traffic increased over 400% from the prior year.”

- Bob Lang, President, World of Watches



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“How can you turn more or your visitors into paying customers... without spending more on traffic generation?”

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How would you like to double, or even quadruple, the number of new customers your web site generates each month, without increasing your web advertising budget?

The secret isn't paying for more web traffic; it’s getting a higher conversion rate from the people already visiting your site. Let me explain...

Web pages are like salespeople. So are email messages. When they're compelling, they draw your prospects in like powerful magnets. They motivate your prospects with delicious benefits. They create “fear of loss”. They can even make sales for you - without any need for human contact...

However, when they're not compelling, they're like second-rate salespeople; they waste your money. Can we be frank?

Unless your web pages were penned by an expert web copywriter, they're engaging just a fraction of the visitors they should be converting. In other words, you're wasting over 50 cents of every dollar you spend on web traffic! The same goes for email messages. Here's how we know...

Businesspeople who write their own copy (unless they've mastered the art of writing “website advertising copy”) inevitably write about themselves, their companies, and what they're selling. It's only natural; it's how we were taught to write in school.

But prospects don't care about you, your company, or what you’re selling. They want to know: “What's in it for me?”... “Why should I believe you?”... and “What will I lose if I don't act now?”

Perhaps now you see why hiring an expert web copywriter can pay off so handsomely. Our website advertising copy speaks directly to these unspoken questions and ultra-motivates your prospects to act immediately.

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Success Stories:

$451,050 In One Mailing... And Triple The Response!

Ken Varga, author of “How To Get Customers To Call, Buy, And Beg For More”

When Ken Varga hired us, he'd already sold malpractice insurance to 700,000+ nurses - using a direct mail letter written by a legendary copywriter.

We repositioned his letter and beat the original by over 3 to 1! Our letter generated 9,021 new policies -- and $451,050 in revenues -- on the first mailing alone.

$250,000 in Two Days!

Terry Paranych, Canada's #1 Re/Max Agent

When Terry Paranych hired us to write a direct mail letter for his first-ever Superstar Agent Boot Camp, he'd never held a conference before. He had no products, testimonials, or house list.

Yet two days after mailing our letter, the letter had generated $250,000 in revenue -- selling out the conference. In fact, many agents had to be waitlisted for the next event!